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 Thales Hardware Security ModulesnShield Solo XC 
 In today's environment of distributed IT solutions, Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)—which safeguard a company's encryption keys—are often housed in remote data centers, making HSM management challenging and making it costly to access information about this mission-critical security hardware.
Thales offers a suite of payShield HSM management and monitoring tools that help you optimize your resources while improving uptime—saving you time and money.
 nShield Solo is a family of embedded, general-purpose HSMs for servers and appliances that safeguard encryption and digital signing keys and that can optionally run custom applications on the module to protect data in use. 
 Vormetric Data SecuritynShield Connect XC 
 The Vormetric Data Security Manager (DSM) is the central management point for all Vormetric Data Security Platform products. The DSM not only creates, stores and manages the encryption keys that protect data, it also enables organizations to manage every aspect of their Vormetric data security platform implementation. The Data Security Manager allows administrators to specify data access policies, administer DSM users and logical domains, generate usage reports, register new hosts, access security logs, manage third-party keys, digital certificates and more. Moreover, as enterprises and service providers need data security management in concert with their other infrastructure, the DSM also provides integration capabilities with multiple APIs and a command line interface as well as a simple graphical user interface (GUI) operation. nShield Connect is a network-attached, general-purpose hardware security module (HSM) that protects up to 100 clients by safeguarding their encryption and digital signing keys and processing sensitive data on the trusted appliance./td> 
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